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BaekSan Propeller Co., Ltd

Excellent Performance, High-Quality 

Baeksan Propeller Co., Ltd. is an aluminum propeller manufacturer that has led the boat and marine leisure industry since its establishment in 1984. 

We continue to make efforts to develop and produce the highest quality products using decades of field experience and know-how in technology development. 

The various propellers of Baeksan Propeller Co., Ltd. are continuously exported worldwide under the  brand and are well received by customers.

Baeksan Propeller Co., Ltd. produces various propellers. Customers with outboards and sterndrives can choose the propeller that meets their boat/engine specifications. The propellers of Baeksan have excellent durability and wear resistance, and each blade has great balance. 

Enjoy the fun and safe marine leisure activities with the  propeller..

Thank you.

BaekSan Propeller Co., Ltd.

CEO Lee Jungwoo

BaekSan Propeller Co., Ltd
Best Aluminum Propeller for Your Boat!

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