Best Aluminum Propeller for Your Boat!

Sterndrive · Inboard  Propellers

Best Aluminum Propeller for Your Boat!

Excellent performance, High-quality 

Stern drive · Inboard  Propellers

BS DUO Propellers 

· BS DUO propellers provide excellent straight forward performance when driving with two propellers rotating in opposite directions.

· BS Duo A series consist of a set of 3 and 4 blade propellers.
· BS Duo B series consist of two of three-blade propellers in one set.
· All BS DUO series propellers are made of aluminum. 

Inboard Propellers 

Based on a fluid mechanics design, Baeksan Propeller's products provide high fuel efficiency and greater speed. Maintenance costs are kept low due to easy parts replacement and a comprehensive warranty.

Selection of Propeller

Choose the same diameter and pitch as the propeller you are using now.

 As the propeller may be different depending on the engine and the boat, 

our dealers will help you select proper one. 

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