Best Aluminum Propeller for Your Boat!

Outboard Propellers

Best Aluminum Propeller for Your Boat!

Excellent performance, High-quality 

Outboard Propeller 

Patent special aluminum alloy satisfying durability and mechanical property is used, which is suitable for leisure boat and work boat, proved by long research and test.

Baeksan Propeller Co., Ltd. has a various range of products. You can easily find various engine brands and products that can be used for horsepower. (4 to 300 HP).

Special aluminum alloy 

Pin type aluminum   propeller

4 blade propellers

provide extra power and better performance with smooth steering.



Anti-singing edge 


Precision balanced blades significantly reduce vibration.
High gloss powder coat protects aluminum. Minimized speed loss from drag, reduces corrosion and looks great on any boats.
Cupped trailing edge to better grab and hold water, dramatically enhancing the performance and efficiency.
Rubber cushion hub system
Exchangeable hub kit system is also available for Mercury D & E class propellers and Honda D & E class propellers.
High performance blade geometry, higher degree rake and progressive pitch design results in a better combination of top end speed and dead start acceleration.
Optimal blade thickness.
Each blade is carefully engineered thin enough to maximize performance but thick enough to provide long lasting durability.
Flared hub design keeps exhaust from causing speed-robbing ventilation blow-out.
Economical merits 

The products of Baeksan Propeller Co., Ltd. are fully compatible with all genuine propellers. We will help you with excellent performance, durability, and continuous warranty.

Selection of the Propeller 

Choose the same diameter and pitch as the propeller you are using now.

 As the propeller may be different depending on the engine and the boat, 

our dealers will help you select proper one. 

Check the RPM range recommended by outboard manufacturer in the manual. 
Check the maximum RPM(WOT RPM) range by reading the instrument panel to determine the optimal pitch and speed. 
If maximum RPM exceeds the recommended range, please lower the RPM by using one level higher pitch propeller. Repeat this procedure to figure out the appropriate pitch propeller. 
If maximum RPM is lower the recommended range, please raise the RPM by using one level lower pitch propeller. Repeat this procedure to figure out the appropriate pitch propeller. 


The diameter of the circle scribed by the blade tips as the propeller rotates.


The linear distance that the propeller would move in one complete revolution. The selection of pitch is important for maximum efficiency of engine. Generally, the heavy boat has less pitch.

Pitch Indicator

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